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From old painting to contemporary art, from designer furniture to jewelry and vintage items, at Segre Auctions we have catalogers in each of the disciplines of art and collecting. Explore and contact directly the specialist in the area that interests you, to receive all the advice you want in the valuation, purchase and sale of works of art and collectibles.


At Segre Auctions we carry out valuations of works of art, collections and antiques for testamentary purposes, reports for insurance, estimates of heritage value and price guidelines for private sales.

We have a wide variety of specialists in different departments, such as antique painting, graphic work and contemporary art, furniture and decorative arts, jewelry, watches and vintage items.

Contact directly the expert of the desired area, to make an appointment at Subastas Segre , Madrid, or request a visit anywhere in Spain. We will ask for photographs for an initial evaluation.

We can guide you throughout the valuation process and provide a complete advice in case you decide to auction a work or collection, or put it up for direct sale.

If required, we manage certificates of authenticity. In the case of family collections, we can prepare the specific lots for equitable distributions among the heirs.

Cost of the service: 2% of the total valuation, plus transfer costs.

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Direct sale

If you want to sell a painting or other valuable piece privately, at Subastas Segre we manage the direct sale of works of painting, decorative arts, watches, jewelry and other items, with complete confidentiality and flexibility.

Discretion and personalized attention are the main advantages of direct sales through Subastas Segre.

Our cataloging specialists accompany you throughout the process, providing you with comprehensive and personalized advice, from the valuation of the work, to the sale and delivery of the piece to your buyer.

Contact directly the cataloger of the desired area, to make an appointment at Subastas Segre , Madrid, or request a home visit anywhere in Spain. We will ask for photographs for an initial evaluation.

Parts Search

With more than 10 years in the art market, at Subastas Segre we build a personal relationship with owners and collectors, so we can locate specific works and pieces and put you in direct contact with the seller.

If you cannot wait for the next auction, you are looking for a particular work or you only have the budget set for a gift, at Segre Auctions we are able to track down that painting that you have been looking for for years, that chandelier that is missing from your decoration, or that gift wedding special.

Contact our sales and customer service department directly, and we will help you find that coveted piece: from the work of a great master, to a silver cutlery, a piece of jewelery or that peculiar object that you want to give as a gift or add to your collection.

We provide advice throughout the negotiation process and, if required, we can manage the transfer of the purchased part.

Commission: 18% plus VAT on the price of the work.

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