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If you have any doubts in the process described above, please contact us
on 915 159 584, or write an email to

To purchase one of the lots at auction you must bid for a price higher than the starting price, through one of the following channels:

In person

By attending our auction room on the day of the sale. You will have to register and you will be given a paddle. When the lot you are interested in comes up for bidding, raise the paddle to the desired amount.

Written bidding

Fill in the following form and send it to

Telephone bidding

Please fill in the following form and send it to
When you request a telephone bid, Segre Auctions will telephone you during the auction.
This type of bid implies covering at least the starting price even if we can not reach you at the phone.

Online pre-bidding

Log in to your account or register (if this is the first time, your registration must be validated beforehand).


You will see all the lot information.


Select the type of bid you wish to place (written or telephone), select the amount you wish to bid and click on "bid". Your bid will be registered and Subastas Segre will send you an email confirming your bid.

Bidding via the website will be deactivated at 14.00 on the day of the auction in progress.

Live Bidding

Log in to your account or register (your registration will need to be validated beforehand).
During the auction you will be able to see the auctioneer and bid for the lots you are interested in from your device.
Please register if you wish to bid online, before 15.00 on the day of the auction.

Immediately after the auction, bidders who are awarded a piece may pay by bank transfer, credit card or cash (up to the limits established by law). Subastas Segre will send you the same day of the auction an e-mail with the lots awarded and the payment details. Remember that the purchase notification will include the value of the auctioned lot and the 18% commission, as well as the corresponding VAT exclusively on the amount of the commission.

Works and objects purchased at auction may be collected, subject to payment, on the day of the auction, or within 15 days thereafter, without additional storage costs - after this period, the cost is 6 euros per day.

For the removal of heavy or bulky items, you can either use your own means or ask our shipping department to arrange delivery and insurance. Packaging, insurance and shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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